Can Cannabis oil  help treat autism symptoms?

A new Israeli study gives us an answer.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disease with a wide spectrum of manifestations. Its symptoms can be mild or more severe, including problems in social interactions and compulsive behaviors. The causes can be both genetic and environmental.

It is estimated that worldwide about one in 160 children has an ASD. This estimate represents an average figure, and reported prevalence varies substantially across studies. Some well-controlled studies have, however, reported figures that are substantially higher. 

The abilities and needs of people with autism vary and can evolve over time. While some people with autism can live independently, others have severe disabilities and require life-long care and support.

Scientists from Tel Aviv University demonstrated the positive effect of cannabis oils in animal models in a laboratory.

The scientists worked on animal models, using mice, with the same gene mutation and administered them cannabis oils. The researchers found that CBD oil had positive effects on mice, with a reduction of behavioral symptoms.

CBD enriched cannabis has been shown to be beneficial for children with autism. In this retrospective study on 60 children, behavioural outbreaks were improved in 61% of patients, communication problems in 47%, anxiety in 39%, stress in 33% and disruptive behaviour in 33% of the patients.

“We also tried to administer the animal models oils containing no CBD at all but just a small quantity of THC, and to our surprise, we obtained even more positive results,” Prof. Daniel Offen said.

They were also able to understand how the oil managed to have an impact on the mice, registering what mechanisms in the neurological system were affected and which neurotransmitters were influenced by the oil in the brain, in the spinal cord and elsewhere.

The group is working to determine the best composition of the oil to maximize its positive effects.

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