Autism by children, can it be treated with CBD?

Autism is a neurological and developmental condition related to brain development and affects how people perceive and socialize with others. The signs are usually seen in the early years of childhood. Autism is defined by a specific set of behaviors that affect a person’s ability to interact and communicate with others. There are different degrees of autism, but some common behaviors associated with this disability include poor motor skills, delayed speech, difficulties with reasoning, and very limited interests.

The Global Health Data Exchange compiled autism rates from every country in the world for people of any age. The countries with the lowest cases of autism were the developed countries of Europe. France has the lowest cases of autism at 69.3 per 10,000 people or 1 in 144 people. Portugal follows with 70.5 per 10,000 or 1 in 142.

The ten countries with the lowest cases of autism are:

1. France: 69.3 per 10,000/1 in 144

2. Portugal: 7.5 per 10,000/1 in 142

3. Iceland: 71.9 per 10,000/1 in 139

4. Norway: 72.0 per 10,000/1 in 139

5. Italy: 72.0 per 10,000/1 in 139

6. Germany: 72.2 per 10,000/1 in 139

7. Greece: 72.4 per 10,000/1 in 138

8. Austria: 72.6 per 10,000/1 in 138

9. Belgium: 73.0 per 10,000/1 in 137

10. Spain: 73.0 per 10,000/1 in 137

According to data from the ASDEU Autism Spectrum Disorders in the European Union, social research showed that the average age at which autism concerns are first identified is 25.3 months, while on average diagnosis does not occur until 44.4 months, 19 months later. Most parents (68.8%) indicated delays of more than six months in accessing a diagnostic service. Only 44.8% of families reported that professionals informed them about their child’s specific needs and 20% of families said that they did not receive any information at the time of diagnosis. Families negatively value screening services in terms of the attention professionals give to parents’ concerns.

Across CDC surveillance sites, an average of 1 in 44 (2.3%) 8-year-olds was estimated to have ASD in 2018. ASD is 4.2 times more common among children (3.7 %) than among girls (0.9%).

The three main symptoms of autism that can be noticed quite early are: social and communication difficulties, refusal of eye contact, anxiety.

Unfortunately, children who show aggression are forced to take strong drugs, antidepressants, tranquilizers. Some children with age begin to have epilepsy.

I recently saw an interview with an American woman who treated her autistic son with medication for many years, but this did not improve her condition in any way. In the interview she talks a lot about what they had to go through with her son, and what to try until she tried to give them CBD for the first time. After she herself believed in the positive effects of CBD, she began to speak openly with other families in the same situation.

She and dozens of other mothers of autistic children organized an association “WPA4A” where all information about research on autism and CBD can be found. As well as ask questions, communicate and ask for help.

Here are some links to the latest important research on autism:

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“Using marijuana to deal with the anxieties of daily life? For some, it’s a given by any means necessary”

Medical cannabis relieves symptoms in children with autism: study.

What conclusions can be drawn from this article?

Parents looking for every possible way to help their children should consider CBD. Numerous studies and personal stories increasingly confirm that CBD has great potential in treating symptoms of neurological diseases in both children and adults.

Why limit yourself to the opinion of a single doctor?

Read, search for information, try alternative methods!

There is no need to be afraid of the new, you must use all methods to achieve the goal! CBD is not a medicine, it is a lifestyle!

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