Cannabinoid receptor 2 as a potential therapeutic target in rheumatoid arthritis

There are countless variables such as weight, diet, metabolism, genetics, environment, product consistency, and more that make a universally prescribed dosage an impossibility.

With these facts in mind, most people who are new to cannabidiol begin their journey by starting with the minimal suggested CBD dosage on any product, then gradually increasing the dose until they achieve the desired results.

CBD oil, or tincture, can be administered under your tongue, where it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This method of delivery bypasses the two systems in your body that can reduce the desired effects of CBD: the pulmonary system (lungs) and the digestive system.

A good rule of thumb to determine your proper CBD dosage is to take 2–10mg of CBD for every 10 kilograms of body weight based on the individual’s level of pain.

Start tiny and increase step by step

Let’s say you’ve got a friend who weighs no over 70 kilos and takes 50 mg of CBD doubly per day, that he claims provides every kind of advantage. Since you guys area unit just about identical weight, he recommends an identical dose for yourself.

Here’s why this isn’t the most effective thanks to opting for your dosage:
Not solely area unit we tend to all created otherwise, we tend to every have our own distinctive history with the utilization of drugs, medications, supplements, and alternative things we tend to place in our body. attributable to this, we tend to all have completely different body chemistry, and this may have an effect on however our body reacts to CBD. As R.R Noall over at Herb puts it, “what works for your friend, might not work for you.”

With that being aforesaid, it’s necessary to 1st confirm your initial dose supported your weight, gauge however your body reacted thereto quantity of CBD, then increase step by step whereas continued to watch your body’s reactions until you discover the proper dose that works for you.

The nice thing about all this, as you’ll read in the side effects section, is that it’s nearly impossible to overdose on good quality CBD. 


  • The Endocannabinoid system could counteract pathological changes in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts.
  • The Endocannabinoid system could inhibit the immune response in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The Endocannabinoid system may inhibit osteoclast formation and activity in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The Endocannabinoid system could target multiple processes in the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

Effects of the selective CB 2 agonist, JWH133 on CIA mice. JWH133 (1 mg/kg/day or 4 mg/kg/day) or vehicle (n=12 each) was injected intraperitoneally twice daily from day 15 to day 35. The arthritis severity was recorded as the arthritis score (A) and paw thickness (B). Overtime analysis of arthritis score and paw thickness by 2-way ANOVA revealed a significant difference between the vehicle group and 4 mg/kg/day grope (p<0.01). Representative hematoxylin and eosin staining of ankle joints from normal mice and from mice with CIA after the treatment with vehicle or JWH133 (4 mg/kg/day) are shown (C). Bar, 200 μm. Inflammatory cell infiltration in the ankle joints was evaluated with the histological score (D). Representative radiographs of the ankle joints of normal mice and CIA mice treated with vehicle or JWH133 (4 mg/kg/day) (E). Arrows indicate bone erosion. Bone erosion in the bilateral MTP joints was evaluated with the bone destruction score (F). Splenocytes from normal mice and CIA mice treated with vehicle or JWH133 (4 mg/kg/day) were cultured with CII for 72 h. Concentrations of IFN-γ (G) and IL-17 (H) in the cultured supernatant were measured by ELISA. N: normal, V: vehicle, J: JWH133, NS: not significant. Serum samples were obtained at day 36 from normal mice and CIA mice treated with vehicle or JWH133 (4 mg/kg/day), and anti-CII IgG1 antibody level was measured by ELISA (I). Values are the mean±SEM. *p<0.05 versus vehicle.

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