Our eldest son is a very dedicated and caring medic in America, who totally believes in the efficacy of CBD oil.  This is due to the results that he’s seen, from using it to treat physical, mental and emotional medical conditions in his patients.  

As my husband and I have retired to Portugal and are both in our 70s, we were beginning to get the usual aches and pains and minor problems that aging brings with it.  So, our son researched CBD oil available in Europe and found that Leaf Boutique were producing a high quality and very pure product at a fair and affordable price.  He found that many other companies were charging a lot more for a lower quality product.  Approximately one year ago, he recommended that we should try this oil from Leaf Boutique.

Since then, my husband is no longer on pain killers or anti-inflammatory tablets for his joint pain – and his high blood pressure is now under control.  I myself no longer have to take any medication for arthritis. Most significantly, my heart arrythmia, that I have had since my 30s, has gone from violent episodes to the occasional heart flutter.  Having witnessed first-hand our significant health improvements, other members of our family and a number of friends are now also buying CBD oil from Leaf Boutique.  They send it quickly and efficiently all over Europe, including the UK.

Most incredibly, our oldest dog developed pancreatitis early last year and was taken from our vet to the local dog hospital.  They treated her, but without much success and so sent her home with some medication, to die peacefully on her own bed.  As she continued to deteriorate, we made the decision to withdraw all veterinary drugs and put her on our CBD oil instead, as there was nothing to lose.  Within three days there was a marked improvement and within one week she was eating and walking about again.  One year on, she is 14 years old – but thinks she is 4 years old!  She plays with her toys and races around our gardens with the other dogs!  What is astounding is that she was originally too ill to try to put the drops under her tongue and so they are just mixed in with her food.  So, she does not realise that she is having any CBD oil and obviously does not know that it is helping her.  Therefore, it cannot be a placebo.  It is also her case that has convinced many of our friends and family that it MUST work and has been the reason for them buying the oil themselves!  Even our local vet is astounded and they have gone from non-believers to recommending it for many of their other patients!  We thoroughly believe in this excellent product.

So, to all other non-believers out there, contact Leaf Boutique and give it a try!  Again, you have nothing to lose – and so much to gain!

Daphne, The Algarve, Portugal.

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