How not to go crazy today?

The world was divided into 2 historical eras – the World before February 24, 2022, and after February 24, 2022. 

The war middle of  Europe was a great shock to the whole World and of course to Europe, which since 1945 has not seen horror of war on its territory.

According to the Global Conflict Tracker website, about thirty global conflicts are now taking place in the world where civilians and military are dying every day.

After the Covid virus in 2020, global quarantine, isolation and economic crisis, Europe is now suffering from a huge humanitarian crisis, which has been felt by absolutely every inhabitant of Europe since the end of February. 

Of course, ordinary Europeans have already noticed an increase in inflation and price, many still cannot find a job after Covid , and now they are afraid that the world may end with “Red Botton”.

How not to go crazy today? how to enjoy life? How not to fall into despair?

These are very complex issues and it is necessary to cope with such psychological problems in a complex way.

Each person should choose their own approach, but if you feel the beginning of a depressive state,  do not be alone!

I find my own way to help my mind today.  I share with you my  5 Tips- Steps to mental peace. 

To some of you it  will seem banal,  but try to follow them and you will definitely notice that your mood improves of better way.

Tip 1 Limiting the use of Social Networks

Why is it necessary to limit yourself from consuming information on social networks in the “Age of Information Wars” ?

Tip 2 Increase walking time on fresh air 

According to statistics, people who eat dogs live longer. Why do you think? Scientists have found that this is precisely because they walk with their pets every day, at least 1 hour.

Tip 3 Social activity or collective sport&hobby 

Do you know what is the secret of the “blue zones”, where people live 10 years longer than others? 

The main secret of a long happy life is a social activity. 

Tip 4 Choosing the Right (positive) Environment

If your friends are meeting only to complain about their husbands, wives, children and children’s friends, then this is not for you!

It is important to listen to positive stories and connect with positive people.

Tip 5 Self-development

“When you are busy, yo have no time to be sad”.

Self-development is the best investment today! Start learning to draw, new skills, study History of your city or the history of Art, learn  languages, learn to play a musical instrument….

Today you can find all information online and for free.

Also, do not forget that any natural products help to  work better  your body systems.

If you need sedatives because of a lot of stress, consider whether you can replace them or reduce the dosage by compensating with tinctures of sedative herbs, teas and CBD.

The right nutrition menu also helps mental health!

Read more about “My 5 TIPS for Mental stability” in my next articles.

Stay Safe. Stay Positive. Stay human.