Does melatonin work with CBD?

Everything surrounding the world of CBD and medicinal cannabis is astonishing.

In fact, every year more studies and results supporting its properties are revealed.

Melatonin + CBD = sleep support

CBD can promote sleep disruption during the night, while melatonin can promote the onset of sleep. This combination can work to support overall sleep. Interestingly, some individuals may find that CBD makes them more alert without increasing anxiety.

In these individuals, using CBD at night may negatively affect sleep. On the other hand, using it earlier in the day can help with sleep.

This phenomenon is why melatonin, in combination with CBD, used at night and for a short period of time, can address more significant sleep issues, as melatonin can counterbalance the wake-promoting effects of CBD.

What happens with CBD and the sleep process?

Most research on cannabidiol (CBD) has focused on its potential benefits for anxiety disorders, stress, and general feelings of anxiety. This research is relevant to sleep problems, considering that sleep disruption related to stress and anxiety is quite common.

Previous studies examining the use of CBD for sleep have often lacked quality, which may be a contributing factor to the mixed results observed. However, more recent and robust research on the use of CBD for specific sleep issues appears very promising.

At this point, research is pointing more solidly towards CBD as a support for sleep problems related to stress and anxiety. This application is also supported by current evidence indicating that CBD can be beneficial for anxiety-related issues.

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