Our children are very active and emotional creatures. They need our support throughout their lives, especially during their growing years. Children tend to be most active in the evenings and may struggle to fall asleep and have a good night’s sleep. They may also be whimsical, make too much noise, have mood swings, and be prone to joy or sadness.

How can we help them?

I am a mother of three children, and in my daily life, I have found several strategies to help my children:

  1. Two hours before bedtime, I don’t allow them to play energetic and exciting games. Instead, I engage them in relaxing and calm games like puzzles, drawing, or lego.
  2. Make sure to have and follow a bedtime routine so your child knows bedtime is coming. This can include taking a shower, preparing things for tomorrow, reading together, packing a backpack for school, etc. It depends on your abilities and household rules.
  3. Ensure not to watch movies that are not appropriate for their age.
  4. Don’t play on the phone or video games before bed.
  5. Ensure the child has physical activities during the day.

If you still notice that after following their routine, the child is still struggling with anxiety, the question arises: is it worth giving them medication to relax?

Doctors don’t resort to medication if possible, and despite the fact that the world often takes a pill for everything, it’s worth looking for organic alternatives!

Children and CBD

Speaking from my personal experience, my 8-year-old daughter takes CBD for 1 month in spring and fall.

When the low temperature season starts, with constipation, long nights, and short days, her anxiety increases and she has trouble sleeping through the night.

In this case, she takes 5-10mg of CBD per night for 1 month before bed.

What differences do we notice within 2-4 days?

She sleeps better. Her mood is more stable. She concentrates better on a task. Her anxiety reduces. She has stronger immunity and gets constipated less. Children, due to their high metabolism, experience the positive effects of CBD faster than us.

Finding an organic alternative for the health of our children is always better than allowing them to take pills!